Traveling with the Fujifilm X100S

Well, after about 11 days our oh-so long awaited family trip to Florida has now made it into the history books. For months, everyone in the family had been planning about the trip and what places we would be seeing. One of my major plans for the vacation was to document the trip using my DSLR. But since we would be spending much of our time at the theme parks and of course knowing of the inevitable 8 hour+ days of walking, I dreaded the thought of lugging my DSLR and multiple lenses. So because of that realization, I soon found myself researching for mirrorless cameras as an alternative - to which I ended up landing on the Fujifilm X100S. And I'm pleased to say that the results were truly satisfying.

Along with the X100S, I also brought the Undfind Waistshooter photo bag and my iPhone 5S for instant gratification. So without further ado, here's Part 1: Universal.