Muchas Gracias

Last June 15 was the grand reopening of DCA and Cars Land was the main added attraction.  From a three day park hopper plan to an annual pass upgrade (Worth considering if you're planning to go).  Radiator Springs Racers has become our family's favorite ride.  It's a must ride every time we visit the park. Try single rider if your kids are tall enough to ride by themselves - it beats the hour-plus waiting in line.  Also check Cars Land at night, it sets a totally different mood once they turn on the lights. 

Yesterday was a very long day but accomplished a lot and family had so much fun in the park.  A little more roaming today in SoCal before heading home but before we do, I would like to give a shout out to y'all who liked our Facebook page.  We really appreciate it given the facts that there are so many social media traffics out there already.  We'll do our best to contribute the best way we can to this community.  You all have a great day. Until our next blog...