Project 12

Last year we started a 52-weeks photo project and we found out that a once a week family portrait was a tall order.  So this year, we toned it down and changed it to Project 12, one portrait per month.  But this one is still proving to be a difficult task, we were down to the wire for this month.  We literally ran to the location after church to squeeze a session.  Thank God Fresno has many beautiful spots for photography. This particular place was just a few minutes away from home.  Please take note that if you're doing a client session, you will need a photographer's pass before you can shoot there.    

So why do a photography project?  I believe it's essential for honing your skills, it's like sharpening your ax before cutting some trees - both you and your client will benefit from it.  When you start a project, make it fun for everybody.  Be creative, bribe your family if they are your subject.  Jamba Juice after the shoot works well with my family and I occasionally get some smiles when I say Jamba Juice after clicking the remote.  

Well thanks for taking the time to read our blog, we hope that you guys had a wonderful Easter with your love ones.  Start a project. Get out there and shoot.  Until our next blog, have a wonderful week!